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Shake and Bake

Posted Sunday, February 22, 2009 by USLAX

Shake and Bake

Sept. 4, 2008

Note: This article appeared in the "Lacrosse Classroom" section of the December 2007 issue of Lacrosse Magazine, a US Lacrosse publication available exclusively to its members. Join today to start your monthly subscription.

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by Matt DaSilva, Lacrosse Magazine Online Staff

Pick your poison. Be it Mary Key up top or behind, Kelly Berger on the crease or Quinn Carney on the fan, the 2007 U.S. Elite Team boasts weapons at every turn.

Key, Berger and Carney combined for 580 goals and 337 assists as All-Americans at Johns Hopkins, James Madison and Maryland, respectively. Berger and Carney are assistant women's lacrosse coaches at UMBC.

So yeah, you can take these dodges to the bank.

Crease Roll: Under

Starting behind the cage, the attacker (Mary Key) draws her defender (Lauren Schwarzmann) along the 8-meter, plants her pivot foot between the defenders legs, rolls under and creates a seal for unfettered access to the cage.
Crease Roll: Over the Top

Here, the attacker (Kelly Berger) creates a similar seal, but fakes a roll under to get the defender (Lauren Schwarzmann) to open her hips. Once the defender bites, the attacker seals her inside the 8-meter and squares up to the cage for a goal.
Rock and Roll

The attacker (Quinn Carney) starts perpendicular to her defender (Kelly Berger), fakes a move inside ("rock," center) and spins off the unbalanced defender's hip ("roll," left) for an opportunity to score strong side.

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