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Tip of the week #6

Posted Sunday, January 25, 2009 by Cliff Hedges
Tip of the week #6  ATTACKING CONCEPTS

Now that we have talked last week about my proposed new set up lets try to see how it will work

Composure and Confidence are two of the most fundamental elements to successful attack.  Throughout the game and season we will face many different defenses, the majority of High School defenses are Man to Man.  It is important to stayed composed, be in control, and play our game, regardless of the defense we face.  Do not get flustered!  Recognize the defense, adapt to it and make smart decisions.

Late in the season last year we started working on Basic Motion Offense:  We will start much earlier this season, so hopefully this Tip will help you at least start to think about it.  As you may expect the keys to attack are: Speed, Space and Time.  In addition, timing becomes very important, as we begin to deal with seven player instead of just one.  The Basic principles for running a successful attacking motion are as follows:
  • Positioning:  There are no definite rules about how to set up our attack. However, it is important to have 1 or 2 players behind the net at all times.  If a shot goes wide, we will have somone behind the net to back it up.  Otherwise, make sure our attack "stays big" spread out, outside the 12mm, to allow adequate space to make plays.  Another reason to have players behind is they are often in position to role the crease or draw a shooting space for high attackers.
  • Clear Space:  The 1 v 1 can be very effective in creating a good scoring oppurtunity.  For the 1 v 1 to be successful, we must clear space.
  1. Create space by clearing the 1 v 1 attackers' strong side.  If she is right handed, clear the right side; if she is left handed  clear the left side.  Not only will this remove your players from the 1 v 1 attacker's way, but it will remove the opposing defenders as well.
  2. The two attackers closest to the ball on the strong side, should cut through the 8mm.  KEY: Even though the supporting attackers are cutting to create space, they should look for the ball and be a threat so the def continues to follow, NO HAVE ASS CUTS LADIES.
  • Take the 1 v 1: After the space has opened , take the 1 v 1 .  Be patient, do not get to anzious and rush the 1 v 1.  Wait for the supporting attackers to cut through and then make a move into open space.  GO HARD, speed kills, Take the open space and go hard to goal. Don't force it, if you do not have a good scoring opportunity, do not force a shot.  Pull out of pressure and get ready to re-attack.
  • Move the ball: Ball movement is one of the most effective ways to get the defense off balance and create openings.  Turnovers during this will kill us, we have to become very confindent in our passing and catching.  Remember, throw to the stick, not the girl.
  • Outlets: If the 1 v 1 is not open, you need outlets (passing options) for the ball.  The two attackers on each side of the ball should pop out to be outlets
  • Move it twice: Once the attacker passes the ball out of pressur3e it is important to move the ball one more time.  This extra pass will switch  the attacking point and expose any openings in the defense.
  • DO NOT PASS IN THE MIDDLE, at least not yet.  The middle may look open but it is not. Think of how many passes get dropped resulting in turnovers in this area and it allows the def to slide into dbl very quickly.  Why make there job easy. They (def) are looking for us to do this. Make the outlet pass, move the ball again and then look for the middle pass.
  • Once the ball is moved to the other side of the field, attack again.  Go 1 v 1  or look for that open pass in the middle.  There will be a lot of openings as the defense shifts to get back into position.
Attacking against Different Defenses:  As I mentioned we will face different levels of defense, agressive (Chaug,  DA and Meadow), more settled ( Hamp and Amherst)  Because of this you will often hear me say "we need to control the pace of the game: 
  1. VS a Low Pressure Defense:  If the defense sags into the 8mm, they are allowing us time and space. TAKE ADVANTAGE! 
  • STAY BIG (Outside the 12mm). The defense is giving you space; take it. Do not get sucked into the 8mm.
  • Follow your basic attacking motion.  Clear space; take the 1 v 1  and move the ball
  • WIth good ball movement  you will be able to catch the def in shooting space.  Be aggressive with the 1 v 1 off the ball movement
          2.    High Pressure:  If the def pressures out, they are vulnerable to get beat 1 v 1.
  • Take your defender 1 v 1. If the defender pressures you out, stay composed and beat her. NOTE:  If you have beaten the defender, protect your stick by bringing it in front of your body(Be careful not to illegally cradle) The defense will not give up; they will look for the back checks.
  • Don't stop your feet..  The defender that you just beat is now 'Ticked off" and probably right behind you.  Keep your feet moving and your head up.  Another defender will probably slide to you; now one of your teammates is open.
  • Play your game. Don't get flustered.  Have confindence in your stick skills and be composed.  TIP: Some high pressure defenses do not pressure behind the net. This can be a safe zone, a place to set up your attack and clam everyone down.  When in doubt pass it behind.  If the defense does not pressure behind the goal.
          3.  Cutting:  Good cutters can create a lot of opportunities, not only for themselves, but also for ther teammates. Keys that will make you a good cutter:
  • Always be a threat:  When you cut, even if you are simply clearing space for a teammate, ALWAYS look for the ball.  This will keep the defense honest and make their decisiion much more difficult;  A quote for a song comes to mind "Should I stay or should I go now."  Plus you never know when you may be open.
  • Finish your cut:  cut all the way through the 8mm.  Often players are tempted to stop in the middle of the 8.  This clogs up the middle.
  • When to cut; Timing is very important in making an effective cut.  Make sure you don't cut into your teammates space.  This will take practice.
  • Watch your defender.  When she looks away, when you can see the back of her head, its a good time to go.
  • If you are next to the ball adn your teammate is looking to to 1 v 1 cut through the open space.
  • Use both hand?  Yes, it is important to be able to cut with both hands.  If you can cut both right and left handed, you will have more openings  in the 8.  If you get ahead of your defender on a cut and the ball is passed to you, make the catch between your shoulders and use your body to protect your stick.
          4.  Communication ( DO you see a trend here)  Communication has often been discussed on Defense but rarely on offense.  Communication is just as important on attack, If is essential for the attack to be on the same page.  Sometimes a simple head nod or verbal communication can make all the difference.
  • What to communicate:  If you want to go 1 v 1, communicate to your teammates to cut through.  If running a specific play, help direct your teammates where to go. If you need help getting open, communicate for your teammates to set a pick.
           Ok, that's enough for today.  Stay warm.  Coach.

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