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New Positioning structure

Posted Saturday, January 17, 2009 by Cliff Hedges
The traditional style of positioning: 3 defenders, (pt, cp and 3m) 5 mids and 3 attackers may not be our line up this year. I am looking at trying what has become more succesful in the college game, that being 4 defenders, 4 attackers and 3 mids.

This hopefully will eliminate any confusion as to which players go over the restrining line, and which do not.  The structure organizes our team, but does not limit them (ex. Mids are not limited to the left/right side of the field, or attackers ot the highest/lowest attack positions)  Certain circumstances throughout the game may force attackers into  the defense or defenders into the offense, which is good for us as we have players who are strong either way.  They must feel comfortable doing so!

4 Defenders:  These four defenders are the core of our defense.  They should undertand defense inside and out.  The four defenders should also be the energy behind the defense, as they will be more rested than the midfielders.  Defenders typically stay behind the offensive restraining line.  However, if a defender ever has the ball on a transition play (Maddy, Lida, Kelsey and Marha very good at this) they should be confident and comfortable enough to take it over the restraiing line, into the offensive zone.  In this situation, one of the attackers/midfielders will have to remain behind the retraining line until the defender comes back over the line

3 Mids- Often mids will be your best athletes adn ball carriers. Thiese three players are required to play both offense and defense.  They are often the ones to carry the ball in the midfield or make midfield passes.  It is important that they make good decisions wnad are well conditioned. ( we have alot of speed here)

4 Attackers- These four players are the core of our offense.  They make decisions about when to push the fast break and when to settle  the ball.  They make cuts toward the ball in midfield .  Attackers are more rested than mids and need to help bring the ball down the field. Attackers are goal scorers and have good stick skills(Kelly, Sam very good at this)  Key: Although attackers usually stay behind the restraining line, after a turnover in the offensive zone, they MUST RE-DEFEND all the way until the restraining line. Attackers can cause many turnovers by putting pressure on the other team's defenders and mids.

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