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Posted Friday, December 19, 2008 by Cliff Hedges
  • Your bottom hand should be at or above waist level.
  • The head of your stick should be well above your head.
  • With the Non Bounce exercises STAND 3 Feet away from the wall.
  • Do 50 Reps of each excercise with the left and the right hand.
  1. Throw ball against wall, receive (giving back with your whole body and watching the ball INTO your stick) and throw again with no cradel in between. Quick stick style.
  2. Throw agaist the wall, recieve and face dodge, ear to ear, adn release again. This complete cycle should be one fluid motion.
  3. Throw against the wall, receive back hand, cradle across body and release strong side-one fluid motion.
  4. Stand 4yds away from wall.  Underhand pass to wall, receive high on dominant hand. Make sure you step into your pass and catch.  Repeat recv. the ball opposite hand or back hand.
  5. Stand 10yd from wall. Bounce ball hard infront of the wall, receive high, one cradle and repeat.
  6. Same as above, except bounce ball closer to the wall and receive ball VERY HIGH with just the bottom hand on your stick (like draw) Really extend arm and stick, once you control the catch place your top hand back- Repeat.
  7. Roll ball on ground toward the wall.  As it rebounds on the ground toward you, move forward and recieve the gb. Pick up and pivot before (crashing in wall) repeat.
  8. Stand 10 yd from wall, bounce ball hard before the wall, turn back and receive high OVER YOUR SHOULDER, moving away from te way, pivot and repeat.
  9. Switches- Throw right, catch right, Switch to left.
  10. Quick  Switches- Throw Rt, Switch Left and Catch Left. Throw Left, switch to Right Catch Righ, repeat.

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